Makeup Artistry

Angelica Ross began her fascination with beauty at a very young age, trading in her Barbie dolls and playhouse for Caboodles filled to the rim with makeup. Intrigued by the bright and enticing colors she soon realized the joy or creativity that makeup gave her as a young girl looking to stand out and showcase her diversity amongst her classmates. As time passed, her fascination with makeup artistry only grew and while her classmates were heading off to the local malls on the weekends she would drag her mother — along with all of her allowance money — to Cincinnati to explore a little piece of heaven called Sephora. It was during her high school years that Angelica would truly begin to understand the type of career that makeup could afford her, as she began to do her friends makeup for parties and events and even worked with her schools dance team to design their competition makeup looks.

For the last seven years, Angelica has been a licensed esthetician and nail technician at a salon and spa in Beavercreek, Ohio. With a background in skincare, she has the right tools in helping to create the perfect canvas as well as following her passion of helping women achieve the self confidence that makeup gave her as a young woman. Angelica’s personality brings professionalism and fun to her work, and that along with her creativity, drive and passion for makeup keeps her clients — from dozens of brides each season, to Dayton Fashion Week where she has created looks for more than 20 designers — coming back over and over again. She is based in Dayton, Ohio and works throughout the mid-west.

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